Mr.Georges Frem, Lebanese Minister of Industry, Inaugurates Chacra MRF.


On July 24 2002, Lebanese Industry Minister Mr. Georges Frem inaugurated the Chacra Recycling Center.  Also available were Mr. Raouf Youssef, USAID head of operations in Lebanon, Mr. Issam Bechara, General Coordinator of the Pontifical Mission's activities in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Industry Minister George Frem hailed the project as an example “of how reliance on technology can solve social problems at minimal cost.” The minister urged an audience of mayors and officials from the South to “understand that we don’t need much money to achieve important projects. We need a little money and a lot of thinking.”

Mr. Raouf Youssef of the USAID, stressed that this project may have a small budget but indeed has a huge impact on the environmental aspect of life in Chacra.