MRF [Material Recovery Facility] in Douma

On November 19 2001, work officially started at the Douma Material Recovery Facility. A 5 tons per day facility, featuring the second generation Rotary Drum Composter RDC2-5T, totally revamped and redesigned to achieve quicker and better composting results, started receiving daily loads of Municipal Solid Waste from the villages of Douma, Tannourine, Bcheleh, Kfar Helda, Kfour el Arbi, and Hardine.

The Douma facility is unique since it features our new "2Man - 1Drum"TM concept in running Material Recovery Facilities. The 2Man - 1DrumTM concept is the result of 2 years of research and development where by applying mechanical and industrial engineering concepts we were able to redesign our facilities so two operators are capable of handling a daily load of 5 tons per day- the load handled by one RDC2-5T drum.

Regarding safety of the compost produced results obtained from the Core Environment Lab at the American University of Beirut (AUB), were as follows:


Using the Kenner and Clark 1974 method, No salmonella was detected in 4 grs of the compost as stipulated by EPA503.32/33.

Heavy Metals:

  Cadmium Selenium Copper Lead Mercury Nickel Arsenic
0.248 0.320 31.640 25.735 <0.4 7.108 0.78
EPA503 maximum* 85 100 4300 840 57 420 75

* Regulatory Maximums for Class 1 Compost Parts Per Million, Dry Weight.

Yet again, laboratory analysis has shown the compost produced by Cedar Environmental at the Douma MRF to be of "EQS" Designation. The "EQS" (Exceptional Quality Standard) designation in the Federal 503 regulations, allows unrestricted use of the compost in agriculture and for use on lawns and gardens.